• Director
    Ali Aydın
    A production of
    Motiva Film
    Yeni Sinemacılar
    In co-production with
    Beleza Film
    Gökçe Işıl Tuna
    Sevil Demirci
    Cengiz Keten
    Ali Aydın
    Ali Aydın
    Ercan Kesal
    Muhammet Uzuner
    Tansu Biçer
    Ahmet Boyacıoğlu
    Ayhan Ergürsel
    Director of photography
    Murat Tuncel
    Art Director
    Emre Yurtseven
    Meral Efe
    Mustafa Bölükbaşı
    Sound Mix
    Thomas Knop
    Dilşat Zulkadiroğlu
    Makeup Artist
    Nimet İnkaya
    Gila Benezra

    Turkey-Germany Co-Production
    2012, Color, DCP, 94 min, Turkish / English Subtitle
    Turkish / English Subtitle
    Turkish Ministry Of Culture Production Support
    Hamburg Film Found
  • Basri is a lonely man who seems to be floating in his own life. He watches over the railroads, walking the endless tracks through the abundant landscape of Anatolia. His only son, Seyfi, has been taken into custody 18 years ago and no one has heard from him ever since. After the death of his wife, Basri has slowly isolated himself from society. But there is still hope in his life, as he keeps on writing petitions twice a month to look after his son...

  • 69th Venice Film Festival - International Critics Week "Lion of The Future Award"

    2013 MoMa 42nd New Directors New Films Selection

    53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival "Silver Alexander Award"
    49th Golden Orange Film Festival "Best Supporting Actor" - "Dr.Avni Tolunay Special Jury Award"
    2012 Reykjavik International Film Festival - "New Visions Competition"
    2011 Cinelink - Work In Progress – "Post Republic Award"
  • www.kuffilmi.com

  • Director / Writer
    Emine Emel Balcı
    A Production Of
    Motiva Film  
    Co-Production With
    Una Film
    ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehspiel
    Gökçe Işıl Tuna
    Titus Kreyenberg
    Director of photography
    Murat Tuncel
    Emine Emel Balcı
    Ayhan Hacıfazlıoğlu

    Creative Documenteries
    2012, Color, HDCam, 74 min.
    Turkish, Kurdish, Germany / English Subtitle
    Turkish Ministry Of Culture Production Support
  • Many women in the villages of Şanlıurfa, whose husbands or fiancés have emigrated to Germany to work, had to learn basic German in accordance with the new German legislation on unification of families. Women who gathered in village schools, following a few months of language courses and an exam, were supposed to apply for a visa and consequently gain right to family unification.

    However, many of them did not sufficiently know their destination country or husbands very well. While they had not even graduated from elementary school, having quit upon family pressure, the school was a place they would claim “lost on the road.” As such, baffled between Turkish, German and their mother tongue, Kurdish, these women hit an ambiguous road.

  • 31th İstanbul Film Festival

    38th Saraybosna Film Festival

  • Director of Photography
    İlker Berke
    Oykun Asyalıoğlu
    Emrah Yıldırım
    Studio Piano
    Studio Recordings
    Selim Keten
    Sound Mixer
    Bülent Taban
    Osman Topuz
    Light Assistant
    Şükrü Çavuşoğlu
    Ay Işığı
    Senem Pehlivanoğlu
    Color Correction
    1000 volt
    Art Director
    Filiz Işık Bulut
    Assistant of Art Director
    Zeynep Bilgin
    Zelal Bulut
    Selahattin Bulut
    Kısmet Bulut
    Lokman Bulut
    Suphiye Dinler
    Bedriye Acar
    Kısmet Bulut

    Short Film
    2012, Color, HDCam, 19 min.
    Kurdish, Turkish / English Subtitle
  • Year 1980… Zelal and Hüsamettin lives in a dwelling standing alone, next to Diyarbakir 5th section military prison with their children. Visiters of the prison wait for hours to see their relatives. Sometimes from exhoustion and cold, sometimes from a necessity they knock this dwelling’s door. Their home become a waiting room. The voices of cries, screamings and marches read by force, come from the prison. For the family now, their home become prison.

  • 23 th International Competition of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2010 - France

    40 th International Competition of the Tampere Film Festival - 2010 Finland

    15 th International Competition of the Ourense Film Festival - 2010 Spain
    8 th International Competition of the Tanger Short Film Festival - 2010 Morocco
    51th International Competition of the Brno Sixteen Short Film Festival - 2010 Czech Republic
    4 th International Competition of the Thess Short Film Festival - 2010 Greece
    7.International Competition of the KIN Women Film Festival - Armenia
    3 th. International Competition of the Hewler Short Film Festival - Iraq
    21st Ankara International Film Festival, National Short Film Competition
    29 th Istanbul Film Festival, Hisar Selection - 2010
    9th İf Istanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival
    8 th International Filmmor Women's Film Festival on Wheels
    13 th Flyling Broom International Women's Film Festival
    III. Diyarbakir Film Festival - Diyarbakir
    9.Munzur Festival - Tunceli
    Ehmedê Xanî Festival - Agri
    1.Yılmaz Guney Kurdish Short Film Festival - Batman

    Hewlêr International Short Film Festival, Iraq Best Film
    Yılmaz Güney Kürdish Film Festival, Best Film
    Yılmaz Güney Kürdish Film Festivali , Audience Award
    Tanger Short Film Festival, Special Award (Fas)
    51. Brno Film Festival, Special Award (Chez Republica)
    2010 İstanbul Film Festivali, Hisar Selection

  • Co-Producers
    Stefan Schubert
    Yıldız Özcan
    Thomas Ordonneau
    Seren Yüce
    Barış Özbiçer
    1st Assistant Director
    Özgür Sevimli
    Art Directors
    Emre Yurtseven
    Meral Efe
    Mustafa Bölükbaşı
    Mecra Yazıcı
    Makeup Artist
    Nimet İnkaya
    Tolga Tekin
    Songül Öden
    Tülay Günal
    Eraslan Sağlam
    Duru Lal Pekel
    Taha Yusuf
    Serpil Güral
    Mary Stephen

    Turkey – Germany Co-Production
    2015, Color, DCP, 107mins
    Turkish/English Subtitled
    T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Production Support
    Turkish- German Co-Production Project Development Support

  • Director
    Ülkü Oktay
    Sergio Fergnachino
    Motiva Film
    Ülkü Oktay

T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Production Support
EAVE 2015 Project

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