short film
2012, Color, HDCam, 19 min.
Kurdish, Turkish; English Subtitle
Year 1980… Zelal and Hüsamettin lives in a dwelling standing alone, next to Diyarbakir 5th section military prison with their children. Visiters of the prison wait for hours to see their relatives. Sometimes from exhoustion and cold, sometimes from a necessity they knock this dwelling’s door. Their home become a waiting room. The voices of cries, screamings and marches read by force, come from the prison. For the family now, their home become prison.
Director / writer
Filiz Işık Bulut
Gökçe Işıl Tuna
Selahattin Bulut
Assistant Director
Pınar Demiral
Selahattin Bulut
Zelal Bulut 
Selahattin Bulut
Kısmet Bulut
Lokman Bulut
Suphiye Dinler
Bedriye Acar
Kısmet Bulut

23 th International Competition of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2010 - France
40 th International Competition of the Tampere Film Festival - 2010 Finland
15 th International Competition of the Ourense Film Festival - 2010 Spain
8 th International Competition of the Tanger Short Film Festival - 2010 Morocco
51th International Competition of the Brno Sixteen Short Film Festival - 2010 Czech Republic
4 th International Competition of the Thess Short Film Festival - 2010 Greece
7.International Competition of the KIN Women Film Festival - Armenia
3 th. International Competition of the Hewler Short Film Festival - Iraq
21st Ankara International Film Festival, National Short Film Competition
29 th Istanbul Film Festival, Hisar Selection - 2010
9th İf Istanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival
8 th International Filmmor Women's Film Festival on Wheels
13 th Flyling Broom International Women's Film Festival
III. Diyarbakir Film Festival - Diyarbakir 
9.Munzur Festival - Tunceli
Ehmedê Xanî Festival - Agri
1.Yılmaz Guney Kurdish Short Film Festival - Batman 
Hewlêr International Short Film Festival, Iraq Best Film
Yılmaz Güney Kürdish Film Festival, Best Film 
Yılmaz Güney Kürdish Film Festivali , Audience Award 
Tanger Short Film Festival, Special Award (Fas)
51. Brno Film Festival, Special Award (Chez Republica)
2010 İstanbul Film Festivali, Hisar Selection

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