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Motiva Film is an Istanbul based company, founded in 2011, to produce creative documentaries, short films and feature films specializes in inspiring local stories.

The company produced two documentaries ; ‘Ana Dilim Nerede?’ (Where Is My Mother Tongue) was Veli Kahraman’s debut film, selected to Istanbul Film Festival’s competition in 2012 and ‘Ich Liebe Dich’  was a debut creative documentary, co-produced with Una Film and ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehsipel.


In 2012 Motiva Film produced Ali Aydın’s feature film ‘Küf’ a co-production with Yeni Sinemacılar and Beleza film which premiered at 69th Venice International Film Critics' Week and won the “Luigi De Laurentiis” Award. 

Seren Yüce's second film 'Swaying Waterlily’, co-produced with Yeni Sinemacılar and Wüste Film, won the ‘Best Script’ award at International Montreal Film Festival in 2016 and showed at various film festivals in the world.


Motiva film produced Bahman Ghobadi's new film 'The Four Walls’.

Gökçe Işıl Tuna is a member of EAVE.

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