Swaying Waterlily / 2016
Handan and Korhan a middle-aged couple who live their lives in one of istanbul's best neighborhoods. Handan constantly invents things for herself in order to fill her life. Handan, imitates her friend Sermin and starts writing! But this desire, which is innocent in the first place, will become jealous over time and diverge in different ways.
Mold / 2012
Basri is a lonely man who seems to be floating in his own life. He watches over the railroads, walking the endless tracks through the abundant landscape of Anatolia. His only son, Seyfi, has been taken into custody 18 years ago and no one has heard from him ever since. After the death of his wife, Basri has slowly isolated himself from society. But there is still hope in his life, as he keeps on writing petitions twice a month to look after his son..
Where is my mother tongue? / 2012
An alienation and isolation story which portrays real characters with real places and has a black humour at some parts. It is about; the efforts of an elderly Mustafa, who thinks that he will die soon, trying to create his own solution with hope for the desperation that he faced with the extinction of his mother tongue; “the mother tongue” reality which cannot be hidden anymore after the years of banning for speaking own language even at home and the effects of the cultural trauma.
Ich Liebe Dich / 2012
A film about love and waiting. The film portraits the lives of peasant women from one of the most remote and impoverished parts of Turkey as they follow their dream to learn German. According to a new German immigration act, they have to prove basic knowledge of the language. These woman have to try hard to learn German, if they want to join their husbands.
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